Last modified 05 June 2007

Spec Proposals for OOo 1.1.x

Date Title
Sep 21, 2001 Printing and the "document modified" status
Oct 09, 2001 Redesign of Toolbars, Menus and Icons
Nov 6, 2001 Re-Arranging the common Office UI code
Nov 7, 2001 Early Draft of Inherited Window Behavior
Jan 15, 2002 Draft Dialogue Specification and Guidelines - Spacing and Positioning
Jan 15, 2002

Status quo of the Stylist

Jan 15, 2002

Status quo of the Navigator

Feb 4, 2002 Custom Colors: Configuration of user interface items in OOo (sxw)
Feb 21, 2002 Product Registration features a mechanism for online product registration. Thus, any vendor which creates an own branded version out of can allow its users .....
Feb 28, 2002 Proposal how to handle floating windows (i.e. Stylist, Navigator, Toolbars)

Mar 4, 2002

rudimentary functional description for OOo's file picker implementation

July 17, 2002 Macro recorder UI Specification (sxw)
Apr 10, 2003 PDF Export - UI specification v.1.1 (sxw)
PDF Export - UI specification v.1.0 (sxw, 11/29/02)
Jan 13, 2003 File Close Behavior- UI specification (sxw)
Mar 10, 2003 Drag & Drop Specification (sxw)
Mar 13, 2003 Printer Independent Layout (sxw)
Mar 13, 2002 Context menu handling SvTreeListBox
Changed behaviour of handling context menu in SvTreeListBox and all derived classes thus the behaviour is similar to common cases in other applications.
Sep 19, 2003 XML Filter Configuration (sxw)
Apr 16, 2003 Starting Office (sxw)
Apr 24, 2003 Automated I18N Settings (sxw)
May 2, 2003 New "Paste Special" for unformatted text in Calc (sxw)
Jun 24, 2003 Gallery and DataSource Panels Layout (sxw)
Sep 12, 2003 File Dialog - Path Restrictions (sxw) features a mechanism for online product registration. Thus, any vendor which creates an own branded version out of can allow its users .....

Accessibility (General)

Mar 4, 2002 Proposal for an accessible setup (sxw)
Mar 22, 2002 Options Dialog for Accessibility (sxw)
Feb 13, 2003 Accessibility Options Dialog
specifies the user interface for Accessibility Options

Accessibility (Keyboard Input)

Feb 6, 2002 Keyboard shortcuts for Impress and Draw
Feb 7, 2002 Gallery Keyboard Accessibility
Feb 18, 2002 Keyboard Concept for Chart
Feb 22, 2002 Keyboard accessibility for DataPilot layout dialog (sxw)
Feb 22, 2002 Keyboard accessibility of the reference input control (sxw)
Apr 7, 2002 Proposal how to enable text selection in read only documents via keyboard
Jun 13, 2002 Accessibility of the CSV Import Dialog (sxw)

Accessibility (High Contrast Mode)

Mar 5, 2002 Concept of an Accessible Document Preview (sxw)
Jan 25, 2002 Proposal of notes which are high contrast ready (sxw)
Feb 27, 2002 Proposal of high contrast ready ruler (sxw)
Mar 1, 2002 Accessibility: Proposal of Icons in High Contrast Mode (sxw)
July 7, 2002 Proposal to change textcolor to automatic

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